About webziiq...(we make web sites)

We provide web site design, development, hosting and marketing services. We will help you to create the online business solutions you need and to achieve your online business goals.

The professional webziiq design team will create a web site specifically for your business. In consultation with you, webziiq will instil a strong alignment between the web site design and its business purpose. Uniquely designed web pages will provide visitors to your site with a clear call to action and our attention to web site marketing and SEO as part of the design process will help drive Internet traffic to your site.

Online business solutions designed and developed by webziiq will help your business succeed on the Internet.

Portfolio...(some examples of our work)

Please click-through on the images below; these are examples of web sites designed, developed and hosted by webziiq. Each of these sites has a particular business purpose. Each was custom designed by webziiq to fulfil that purpose with a unique and interesting sense of style. There are many factors in-play when designing and developing a web site and cost is always a consideration; webziiq sites are unique custom designed sites, they are not based on prescriptive templates. Even so, the talented webziiq design team is more than capable of delivering web site solutions that are very cost effective. Take a look.

ACTOS SkinShoes Code 3 Indigo Broughton House

Herrmann's Cottage Indigo Estate Majiang Tea House

News...(current work and future projects)

Redevelopment of the 2 - 3 year old BusinessDiagnostics web site is one example of our work-in-progress at webziiq. BusinessDiagnostics was originally a DIY development with a shopping cart add-on performed by the hosting service provider. The webziiq team is now giving the BusinessDiagnostics site a new fresh look and is instilling a tighter alignment between the design of the site and its business purpose. At the same time, the BusinessDiagnostics site will be relocated to webziiq servers - this change will provide a considerable ongoing cost saving on hosting service fees.

Another current webziiq project is the integration the Swann Insurance secure ActivLife online application form and transaction processing within the SuperInvestor members' access area. This will mean SuperInvestor members can subscribe and be accepted for Swann Insurance products online - an innovation in the Australian insurance marketplace.

A small project recently completed was to upgrade the use of Google Analytics for the MajiangTeaHouse. This will mean the site owner will have greater visibility of traffic on the site (eg sources of traffic, paths taken through the site, pages visited and time spent on the site etc) and will be better able to position the site accordingly.

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